Thanksgiving is often a time to reflect on what truly matters. In a year of such uncertainty, giving thanks takes on a different meaning. Danielle’s* story comes to mind in this time. 

Danielle and her two teenaged children fled a natural disaster and domestic violence. Just when Danielle thought that she and her children were going to have stability, a house fire made them homeless. That is when Danielle was referred to Dawning Family Services. 

We were able to help Danielle and her children by providing rental assistance and wraparound case management supports. When Danielle received the keys to her home, she cried, as it had been too long since her family had a place to call home. She told her Housing Specialist Case Manager, “Thanks for believing in me when no one did!” 

Danielle was able to find work and faithfully bikes 2 hours daily to and from work. Her schedule often conflicts with the bus schedule, but she is both determined and grateful to be working. During a recent meeting with her Housing Specialist Case Manager, Danielle asked if there were other families that she could help. She wanted to pay forward the help she has received at Dawning Family Services. Danielle expressed that she could not do much, but she could buy “a bag of groceries” for a family in need. 

Danielle’s story is remarkable and inspiring. In the midst of such challenges, her resilience and generosity shine brightly. 

We, at Dawning Family Services, are thankful for each of YOU! The work done at Dawning Family Services to provide hope to families like Danielle’s could not be possible without your generosity and support. 

On behalf of the Dawning Family Services’ Board of Directors and Staff, we wish you and yours a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

With gratitude, 
Mona Duffus
Chief Executive Officer

*Name changed for confidentiality

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